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The Perpetual beta

My research is a finished work and a work in progress at the same time. Sounds weird? Here's the deal. My methodology is largely based on the grounded theory approach. I don't start with a hypothesis, but allow the hypothesis to emerge from the data I continuously aggregate and analyze. This inherently means that whatever well-shaped and well-aligned theories I arrive at, they are constantly subject to testing and re-evaluation in the light of new data and evidence coming in. Watching out for the confirmation bias, I often reshape and expand my initial understanding of key topics in service of the work — because my goal here is not to be right at any given point, it's to get things right along the way.

In software development, a similar principle is called a perpetual beta. It's a program that doesn't get a definitive release version, but instead gets incrementally (and indefinitely) updated to become faster, more efficient and less error-prone. I see the same principle being key in many areas. The ability to change your initial vision is essential for effective forecasting. The fourth function of privilege means that we never know enough about our privilege, and should actively look to discover and aggregate new perspectives. The difference between evidence and proof is that evidence allows for a possible change in the light of new data, and proof doesn't (therefore, real proofs rarely exist, and mostly are found in theoretical math and other abstract areas, rather than in real-world science).

The bottom line is: while my research serves individuals, teams, and organizations well these days, it can (and probably will) serve them better in the future, because I never stop looking for new data across an expanding set of disciplines and fields. In this regard, if you disagree with my findings based on your data and would like to suggest a new perspective or a new research direction for me, please don't hesitate to contact me. I welcome civil, respectful, BS-free debate on the topics that hugely impact all of us. Imagine what modern-day politics could look like if it in fact, not just on paper, would hold to the same standard. Imagine how different the world could be if leaderships truly prioritized getting things right over being right. and updated their tactics and vision based on new, often disruptive evidence, instead of sticking to nostalgic visions.

Instead of expecting that change to come from above, we can ourselves become its founders and role models. We are responsbile for the leadership of our lives. Courage, curiosity, and critical thinking transform a family, a small team, and a huge corporation alike. I invite you to work together and become part of this transformation, laddering up to a braver, smarter, and more prosperous world.

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